The chauffoir

view of the interior of the chauffoir.

The chauffoir is the only room in the monastic buildings having a chimney. The existing chimney located on the west wall dates from the 17th century, but it appears that the original location of the chimney was on the north wall. Adjoining to the scriptorium, the monks came to warm-up their ink when it became too viscous.


The pavements

At the two entrances to the chauffoir, we find polychrome pavements decorated with geometric and floral motifs dating from the 14th century. Despite the precepts of the Cistercian order imposing great austerity on their life, with the passing of the centuries, the monks allow themselves some deviations from the Rule of St. Benedict. Nevertheless, none of these decorations here visible are figurative, and thus retain in a certain artistic sobriety.

Close-up of pavements located between the chauffoir and the scriptorium