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Take advantage of your stay in the baronies to explore nearby sights!

Mill de Ribère

Mill de Ribère  (2km from abbey)

Built after the French Revolution, this mill has been owned for generations by the same family. Recently renovated, it is now possible to visit it, to discover its functioning and know-how of the miller.
Guided tour, movie, demonstrations and workshops.
During the summer, you can join bread making workshops.

Mill de Ribère
35, route des Bandouliers
Phone: +33 (0)5 62 39 05 51

Internet :

Le château de Mauvezin

Le château de Mauvezin (3,5 kms from the abbey)

Built in the 11th century by the counts of Bigorre, rebuilt by Gaston Phoebus at the end of 14th century, with its enclosures and the quadrangular keep, it is a typical example of medieval military architecture.
Medieval entertainement can be enjoyed each Sunday afternoon during the summer.

Château de Mauvezin

Château de Mauvezin
Phone/Fax: +33(0)5 62 39 10 27

Mail :
Internet :

Mill of Baronnies

Mill of Baronnies (à 5kms de l’abbaye)

Presentation of old millstones, exhibition of local products and pictures, bar, playground.

Syndicat d’Initiative des Baronnies
Mill of Baronnies
Phone: +33(0)5 62 39 05 14

Internet :

Le gouffre d’Esparros

Le gouffre d’Esparros (15 kms from the abbey)

Site ranked among the most beautiful caves of the Pyrenees, remarkable for delicacy and wealth of its concretions of aragonite, genuine rock crystal.
This protected site is unique for the way in which the ecology has been managed, and the scientific work to study and protect the concretions.
Guided tour with sound and light (limited nomber of persons)

Gouffre d'Esparros

Gouffre d’Esparros
Phone: +33 (0)5 62 39 11 80

Internet :

Prehistoric space of Labastide

Prehistoric space of Labastide (15 kms from the abbey)

In the heart of a preserved natural valley where water created a landscape: cliffs, caves,…
A “prehistoric and fun” discovery of the life of prehistoric men present 15,000 years ago, in an original and preserved natural site. A visit rich with animations for a different way of discovering Prehistoric life, for children and adults: learning to light a primitive fire or throwing the spear, to illuminate with a grease lamp,…
Guided and animated tour, hiking trails and fun trails for children.

Espace Préhistoire de Labastide

Prehistoric space of Labastide
Phone: +33(0)5 62 49 14 03

Internet :

Abbey Saint-Sever de Rustan

Abbey Saint-Sever de Rustan (35 kms from the abbey)

Classified a Historical monument, this abbey is mentioned for the first time in a document dating from the eleventh century. From the Roman period there remains the decorated portal and the beautiful dome of the old transept adorned by capitals of Toulouse influence. The whole east side of the church and the narthex are from the gothic era. The façade of the Pavillon des Hôtes is adorned with a large pediment and dates from the classical period. The sacristy panelled with walnut and oak and decorated with beautiful furniture remains the jewel.

L’abbaye de Saint-Sever de Rustan

Abbey Saint-Sever de Rustan
65140 Saint-Sever de Rustan
Phone: +33(6) 07 79 25 22

Internet :

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